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"...Ortana provides a number of Products, Platforms & Services for a wide range of workflows and media supply chains - for any size organisation, no matter where content is stored..."

COVID-19 Update

Ortana Media Group is proud to offer a wide range of products and services using its Cubix Asset Management & Orchestration platform. Designed as a disruptive technology within the MAM & orchestration space, Cubix has a highly modular architecture that is easily configurable and reconfigurable to meet the demands of your current and future workflows. Being integrated with over 50 technical partners “out of the box” ensures clients can determine the right tools for the job, allowing them to concentrate on product development, service and profitability whilst we handle the integration.

Our development of software-oriented architectures around best of breed products and services means we produce flexible, affordable and efficient solutions for your specific requirements, whether they be all encompassing or one step in your existing workflow. Ortana also ensures that our commercials models are as flexible as our solutions, allowing you to choose from numerous different options – including, capex, SaaS & transactional.

Please see below the range of Products & Services that we offer using the Cubix Platform.
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Spot and Spin Media Services provides bulk tape ingest and film scanning services - from 10 assets to 100,000. We provide live tracking of all content through the digitisation process, as well as simple, cost effective pricing.

Kiosk makes managing media simple, no matter where it is stored. Designed to wrap around your existing storge, its hybrid cloud architecture quickly allows for both the secure management and sharing of content no matter where it is stored. Proxy based workflows, archiving and VoD supply chains just a few of the solutions Kiosk offers.


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At Ortana, our people are our greatest asset. We are seeking enthusiastic and creative people who are fun to work with and passionate about what they do.

If you feel like you'll be a good addition to the team, we would love to hear from you, send your CV now to careers@ortana.tv

COVID-19 Update - Open for Business

Ortana Media Group since its inception has always been an agile business - not because it was "hip" or in fashion, simply its the way our team thinks and approaches the challenges we face every day. A strong believer in "continous improvement" James Gibson, founder of Ortana has always implemented methodologies that allow for the Ortana team to naturally improve and evolve from past experience.

We have always believed that clients should be able to deploy the technologies we create in a way that suits them - whether that be on premise, in the cloud of their choosing - or some combination therein. The way Ortana runs is no different, thanks to our team and working practices we able to operate at full capacity with only a very limited team physcially present in our offices for those few processes which we simply cannot do remotely (ingesting of tapes being one of them!). This is thanks to our systems being cloud based, secure and resilient and available remotely. As such, we remain fully open for business during this difficult time and able to assist clients as normal. Our digitisation facility and online services such as cloud transcoding with Kiosk remain fully operational also.

The safety of our team and our clients is of the upmost importance to us - which is why we are ensuring the few team members who are office based adhere to all social distancing measures as recommended by the UK Government, as well as having access to PPE. We have taken the difficult decision to not attend IBC2020, due to the undue risks we feel it places on our team and clients alike until more is understood about potential vaccines or means of limiting the impact of the virus. Instead of attending trade shows this year we are focusing on working with our technical partners and resellers to run a series of online events as well as providing more online resources about the range of products and services that we offer.

It is clear that the impact of COVID-19 will last alot longer than the next few months, with many clients finding new means of working in handling this crisis. Whilst some of these bring around new challenges to overcome, others bring to light means of working which are more efficient than what was the normal before. It's this mixture of forced change and inflection that so many businesses, especially those in the broadcast and media domain, are going through that means now is a good time to share some of those thoughts with a workflow specialist such as Ortana. Providing down to earth advice we are able to assist clients both large and small on finding the right solution - both for handling the immediate transition but also looking longer term to ensure efficiences continue.

We like a workflow challenge to resolve - and if nothing else COVID-19 is most certainly that, so please don't be afraid to contact us to see if we can help! Stay safe and we look forward to meeting both current and future clients, partners and colleagues in person soon!

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